The Content Marketing Paradox Revisited

Many marketers are spinning their wheels generating content that doesn’t move the needle. Our latest report — The Content Marketing Paradox Revisited — tackles this unsettling trend with insights from the most comprehensive analysis of the state of digital content marketing to date.

We analyzed 50 million pieces of content from 22,957 brands across all major industries. Collectively, our analysis included 12 months of brand-generated content across six digital channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs — with a combined total of 75.7 billion interactions.

Our research led to some remarkable findings, including:

  • Why brands are generating more content with less return;
  • Which social networks are noisiest and which are best suited for a pay-to-play strategy;
  • Why blogging is still a core competency for brands in 2016; and
  • How digital strategy must change as social networks fight to monetize.
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