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Connect your activities to results.

TrackMaven helps marketers prove the value of their efforts.

Social, Content, and Web Analytics

Prove your impact.

With unified reporting across your social media, blog, email, ads, and website analytics, TrackMaven makes it easy to prove the impact of your marketing activities. Understand how all of your top-of-funnel efforts contribute to bottom-of-funnel results such as website traffic, conversions, and sales.


Competitive Intelligence

Improve your market position.

Track how your marketing performs against competitors, peers, and industry influencers. Place the right bets based on competitor campaigns and audience insights. Measure your thought leadership footprint on influential topics and keywords, and get real-time recommendations based on your industry and historical performance.


Social and Content Attribution

Optimize for ROI.

With social and content attribution, TrackMaven makes it easy to understand the value of every social media post and piece of content you create. Defend your social budget with ROI data — not just engagement metrics. Optimize your content and campaigns based on the metrics that matter to your business, including website traffic, goal completions, revenue, and more.


Pipeline Attribution

Justify your marketing spend.

Prove how your campaigns generate pipeline, revenue, and deals with multi-touch B2B marketing attribution. Understand which campaigns drive results at each stage of your funnel, and see marketing-generated pipeline and conversion rates in one place. With real-time reporting, learn where to put your budget to increase conversions and reduce spend.


News Monitoring

See how PR impacts your funnel.

Finally, you can use one platform to tell the complete story of your branding efforts. Report on your PR performance alongside 17 other digital channels, and see how your press coverage stacks up against industry leaders and competitors. Monitor trends in competitor news mentions to drive more impact from your outreach strategy.


TrackMaven Integrations

Connect your data and go.

Social Media

  • Instagram Instagram
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn
  • YouTube YouTube
  • Pinterest Pinterest
  • Google+ Google+
  • Tumblr Tumblr

SEO & Traffic

  • Google Analytics Google Analytics
  • Moz Moz
  • Alexa Alexa

Marketing Automation

  • Marketo Marketo
  • Hubspot Hubspot

Ad Intelligence

  • Mixrank Mixrank


  • Blogs Blogs

News Monitoring

  • Socialgist Socialgist


  • Salesforce Salesforce
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