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Case Study

How do you connect brand awareness to business goals?

When KIND Snacks hired a new EVP of Marketing, its digital team turned to TrackMaven to connect brand metrics to the company's top-line goals. Learn why KIND trusts TrackMaven's marketing analytics software to drive results and build brand the right way.

"There were other vendors we were talking to before, but the TrackMaven platform is a lot more user friendly. We want to accomplish some aspirational goals with our marketing, in addition to seeing competitive content, and TrackMaven allows us to do both."

Erin Kennedy | Senior Analyst for eCommerce/Digital @ KIND

Case Study

How do you prove the value of social?

Penn Mutual Life Insurance has been in business for almost 170 years, but the company has learned to embrace social media and its impact. Learn how TrackMaven helped the Penn Mutual marketing team uncover best practices in the insurance industry and educate senior executives on the power of social.

"We tried free tools. We tried natively looking for this level of reporting. If you worked hard at it, you could probably get some of this data, but TrackMaven makes it easy."

Rob Bonsall | Head of Social Media @ Penn Mutual

Case Study

How do you measure the impact of your content?

U.S. Bank needed a tool powerful enough to reveal each piece of content's true effectiveness, both for itself and for its competitors. Learn how U.S. Bank uses TrackMaven to measure performance, optimize impact, and understand the competition.

"In most companies now, content is essential, but being able to communicate the value of content is equally important to the investment. We use TrackMaven to prove that value."

Troy Janisch | VP, Social Intelligence @ U.S. Bank

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