What to Post on Instagram: 51 #InstaIdeas


Instagram is the top social media network for engagement, and a great place to grow your brand’s audience. However, in a platform where looks are everything, finding good ideas for Instagram content can be intimidating! But it doesn’t have to be — we’ve created this list of 51 content ideas for what to post on Instagram to get you started.

Remember that the key to Instagram is to post a variety of visually appealing photos and videos that reflect your brand’s mission and activities. Make sure that each post is visually appealing and that all of your posts look good together — whether it’s on your main Instagram business page, or on Instagram Stories.

51 Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

Feature quotes.

  • Post quotes from thought leaders in your field.
  • Ask your executive team for quotes on leadership and post them for #WednesdayWisdom.
  • Create quote graphics with motivational sayings for #MotivationMonday.
  • Use quotes from commentary in breaking news stories in your industry, making sure to cite the original article.
  • Ask your colleagues what they love about their job, the company, and their industry. Post these quotes using #ThursdayThoughts.
  • Create quote graphics from what speakers have said at events you have held or attended.

Show off your company culture.

  • Take photos of brand headquarters and buildings.
  • Give a quick video tour of your offices.
  • Use historical photos from your brand or industry on #ThrowbackThursday.
  • Post photos of your employees at work.
  • Post photos of company events.
  • Post photos of landmarks from places your brand has offices.
  • Take an attractive photo of a well-organized employee desk.
  • Post photos of your colleagues having fun for #FridayFeeling.
  • If members of your company travel, ask them to take photos of their destinations or of their experiences while traveling to use for #TravelTuesday posts.

Educate your audience.

  • Post data points from research by your brand and other brands in your industry.
  • Post definitions of industry terms.
  • Provide photos or videos with one-off tips for your industry or for using your product.
  • Take a photo of a stack of recommended books for people who want to learn more about a topic your brand covers.
  • Feature industry trends in graphs.
  • Post fun historical facts about your brand or industry.
  • Post simple how-to videos.

Speak to your industry.

  • Swap takeovers with other brands in your industry.
  • Post photos of joint webinars and events with other brands. Ask your counterparts to tag your brand in an Instagram post, then repost it.
  • Feature video interviews with industry experts.
  • Post a weekly countdown for industry news. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHC-EVehXul/?taken-by=trackmaven

Provide a new perspective on your products.

  • Post videos and photos from new product launches.
  • Post photos of industry influencers or celebrities using your product.
  • Create memes around your product.
  • If you spot your product being used, take a quick photo and post it.
  • Feature photos from factories or your engineering department that show how your product is made.

Feature content by your employees.

  • Set up employee takeovers of your brand’s account.
  • Ask employees to take photos from their hobbies outside of the office to share with your Instagram community. These “after hours” shots give your followers a look at the people behind the brand.
  • Feature an employee of the month with a simple profile shot and a short Q&A in the description.
  • Employee hashtags to feature company culture. For example, we use #TMculture for employees to share their experiences with TrackMaven culture.

Find leverage with user-generated content.

  • Search for photos Instagram users have posted of your product. There may be more out there than you realize.
  • Create a hashtag that users can use on posts that relate to your company or product for a chance to be reposted on your feed.
  • In your marketing advocacy platform, or customer newsletter, ask customers to post photos on Instagram wearing company swag, saying you’ll repost the best ones.
  • Ask customers to share photos of their “wins” or best experiences with your products, saying you’ll repost select photos. Brands in the auto industry have had success with this, such as Ford.

Encourage friendly competition with contests.

  • Ask your audience to create their artistic interpretation of your logo, and offer swag and a repost as a reward.
  • Ask your customers to post photos or videos showing how they use your products, and offer a free product as a reward for the best one.
  • For a free ticket to a conference or event, ask your audience to post a photo or video showing how much they love your brand.

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Celebrate holidays.

  • Check out the list of “national holidays” for observances that relate to your brand, then create a fun Happy ___ day around it!
  • Create a graphic or take a holiday-related photo of employees celebrating the season around major holidays.
  • Create a fun “This day in history” post for anniversaries of significant events in your industry.
  • Capture special holidays and events being celebrated in your location. For example, we caught 200 skateboarders going by our office on #NationalSkateboardingDay!

Post pretty things (related to your brand).

  • Take artistic closeups of products or tools related to your brand, such that it’s difficult to guess what the item is (but the photo is still beautiful to look at). Ask followers to guess what the item is, then post the answer the next day.
  • Use the Instagram Zoom feature to invite your audience on a scavenger hunt in your photo.
  • For any of these ideas, you can create more interesting post by using tools like Boomerang, PicsArt, or Hyperlapse, to create video effects and collages.
  • If you have the budget (and/or the time) create a stop motion or animated video for one of your marketing campaigns or to promote your content.
  • Try taking a really great, artistic photo, and split it into four squares. Now, post each one after the other, so that they line up to create one large photo on your main Instagram page. Pretty cool, huh?


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