Introducing Social Insights Powered by Predictive Analytics


It is a big month for new feature releases at TrackMaven! We have just launched our first predictive analytics feature to help you optimize your content strategy. By analyzing historical data from each social channel, TrackMaven Social Insights provides actionable tips for your team to increase engagement with social media content. Learn more about this new feature, or request a demo to see it in action!

Introducing TrackMaven Social Insights: A Predictive Analytics Tool

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your team has created a solid piece of content that is well-written and engaging with compelling creative. From your perspective, there is no reason this piece of content should perform poorly for your brand. That said, once it was posted, the silence was deafening. What happened?

Understanding the perfect times to post on each social channel is key to getting eyes on your content. If you are posting at a slow time for your audience, your content is unlikely to garner the attention it deserves, despite its quality.

To help you avoid those pitfalls, TrackMaven Social Insights puts predictive analytics to work in order to provide the best day of week, time of day, and most impactful post type for your brand. We offer Insights for each social channel supported in TrackMaven, so that your content can be optimized for increased audience reach and engagement.

Here is a quick preview of Social Insights:

TrackMaven is on a mission to help you create amazing content, and knowing when to post is just one step on the ladder. Interested in the predictive analytics TrackMaven has to offer? Social Insights can now be found within the new Insights tab within the platform for all customers — and it’s mobile-responsive! Simply login and start optimizing your content.

Want to see a demonstration? Request one today.

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