Track Your Success With TrackMaven’s Marketing Analytics Dashboard


Marketers have a lot of data at their disposal. To make sense of it all, it’s more important than ever before to have all of your marketing data in one centralized report — which is precisely why we’ve launched our new TrackMaven marketing analytics dashboard! I’m excited to give you a quick rundown of the main features in our dashboard and to explain how it can help you to create amazing content.

What are some of the highlights? Just for fun, we had our dashboard reflect the social media performance of some of this month’s hottest television program premieres: Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, House of Cards, and Orphan Black. Sit back and enjoy!

Activity and engagement reports for your top three priority channels

We know you need a quick picture of your content distribution without wading through detailed reports. Our Activity and Engagement Reports allow you to prioritize your three highest priority channels in order to get an up-to-date snapshot of your brand’s activity and engagement. Live charts will update results as you hover over the relevant data in the marketing analytics dashboard.

You’ll find this waiting for you when you log in. No configuration required.

Posts Versus Competitors Reporting

Is your rate of publication something that keeps you up at night? Do you have alerts set up to check how often your competitors are posting on your priority channels? Our Posts Versus Competitors Report gives a live tally of how much your brand is publishing in relation to your competitors. What’s more is it does it without scrambling your team or flooding your inbox with alerts.

In preparation for television premiere season, the marketing team behind Game of Thrones is clearly out-posting the competition.

Competitive overviews for each priority channel

Many marketing mavens want to be able to dive into how their brand fares against each competitor on key dimensions that include audience growth, engagement statistics, and publishing frequency. Others want to benchmark those metrics week upon week.

Our new Competitive Overview Reports give you a pre-configured snapshot of that information for each one of your priority networks.

Post volumes versus engagement

Does your engagement suffer when your team publishes at higher frequency? Is your audience suffering from content fatigue? TrackMaven’s ability to track posting frequency and its relationship to interactions per post is a favorite among our customers; now we will calculate that for you on the marketing analytics dashboard for each priority channel.

Pictures speak a thousand words

After knowing how you fared against your competitors, it’s natural to want to see what content moved the needle. The Top Content Reports give you a quick way to scroll through the top posts for your brand and your key competitors on each priority channel.

Content insights, delivered

Your data can speak volumes about the effectiveness of your marketing. TrackMaven now harvests handy insights such as what formats perform best on your priority channels and delivers them right to you.

Why is the marketing analytics dashboard a cool thing?

TrackMaven offers tremendous power for reporting on your marketing analytics, but we want to get some of the basics out of the way to allow your team to focus on the really innovative stuff. We are looking forward to giving you a host of new capabilities as a part of the new marketing analytics dashboard and this is just the beginning.

Great! When can I have it?

Right now you can have these insights for any of these channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Your other favorite channels in TrackMaven will be coming soon, as we are releasing new features regularly! (Learn more about our Paid Content Detection feature here.)

Interested? Your Customer Success Maven can help you activate this feature for your account and walk you through it. Just reach out to them directly or drop us a line at and we will do the rest.

Not yet a customer? We’d be happy to show you the platform. Request a demo and we’ll arrange a free custom review of your brand and competitor content.

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