Welcoming 10Stories to the TrackMaven Family!


In building a company, there are countless memorable moments. For the TrackMaven team, 2016 has already been full of them. This quarter, we’ve been happy to bring four new innovations to market that benefit our customers, including our Executive Dashboard, Social Insights, Paid Content Detection, and Facebook Reactions monitoring.

In that same spirit, we are delighted to announce the acquisition of 10Stories, an attribution analytics platform that gives marketers clarity into the impact of their programs. This new set of capabilities will enable us to speak more clearly to a growing segment of our customer base that is already using TrackMaven data to improve campaign effectiveness. With 10Stories, the platform will automatically discover campaigns based on integrations with key website platforms and advertising networks. That means TrackMaven customers will have the ability to clearly see which programs are driving the right results across the complete customer journey in real time.

We met the 10Stories team a couple of months ago and instantly realized that it was a perfect fit. They share our vision for unifying marketing analytics and helping marketers deliver amazing content. 10Stories’ co-founders, T.R. Jordan and Ben Lu, culturally epitomize “The Maven Way.” In fact, it’s such a good fit that they have a corgi as a mascot too! Meet Bitters, aka our new West Coast office mascot. (T.R. and Ben are based in California, so we’ll be opening a new TrackMaven office in San Francisco.)

Meet Bitters, the 10Stories mascot!

We are calling the new offering TrackMaven Attribution, because of the visibility it provides into the content and campaigns that drive revenue. Going forward, this capability will allow TrackMaven customers to connect top-of-funnel content engagement directly to bottom-of-funnel sales conversions. This is the first step in a new set of capabilities for modern marketers to simplify the budgeting and planning process.

Please join Maven and me in welcoming Bitters and the 10Stories team on board. We are looking forward to sharing more news about the rollout of TrackMaven Attribution this summer.

10Stories’ co-founders T.R. Jordan (left) and Benjamin Lu (right).

PRESS RELEASE: TrackMaven Acquires 10Stories to Provide End-to-End Marketing Attribution

TrackMaven will now provide visibility into the content and campaigns that drive revenue.

Washington, D.C., May 12, 2016 – TrackMaven today announced that it has acquired 10Stories, a multi-channel marketing attribution software.

10Stories is a subscription analytics platform that gives marketers clarity into the impact of their programs. The platform automatically discovers campaigns based on integrations with key website platforms and advertising networks to show which programs drive leads and revenue.

TrackMaven CEO Allen Gannett announced the acquisition at Spark 2016, TrackMaven’s annual digital marketing conference in Washington, D.C. Gannett also announced a new joint product, TrackMaven Attribution, which allows customers to track the impact of their marketing throughout the entire customer journey.

“TrackMaven strives to make marketing analytics easy and digestible for marketing teams,” said Gannett. “With the acquisition of 10Stories, we’re excited to put an end to the paralysis that comes from questionable ROI attribution. 10Stories removes the murkiness around the contributions of layered marketing campaigns and aligns the various digital functions of a marketing team around the results that actually matter to marketing executives.”

Marketing teams from some of the world’s biggest brands use TrackMaven for content optimization, competitive intelligence, executive reporting, and campaign analysis. Together, TrackMaven and 10Stories will allow customers to connect top-of-funnel content engagement directly to bottom-of-funnel sales conversions.

“We could not be more thrilled to join TrackMaven’s world-class team dedicated to providing transparent and actionable data to marketers,” said T.R. Jordan, CEO of 10Stories. “10Stories was created to offer marketers a better way to look at marketing campaigns. Now, with TrackMaven, we can offer marketing teams one comprehensive solution to react to early opportunities at the top of the funnel alongside the tools they need to push leads through the middle and bottom of the funnel.”

With the acquisition, 10Stories co-founders T.R. Jordan and Benjamin Lu will join the TrackMaven team full-time. Jordan and Lu will open a new TrackMaven office in San Francisco, California, and help to expand the company’s product and engineering teams. Jordan’s pet Corgi, Bitters, will also join the team alongside TrackMaven’s mascot, Maven the Corgi.

To learn more about TrackMaven’s attribution capabilities and request a demo visit trackmaven.com.

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