The Snapchat Marketing Guide for Brands


Earlier this year, I faced a tough question: to Snapchat, or not to Snapchat? It’s a question that befuddles many marketing teams. The allure is clear: Snapchat is America’s fastest growing social platform. But the ROI from Snapchat marketing is by no means straightforward.

For us, expanding our brand presence to Snapchat made sense based on careful consideration of our audience demographics and buyer personas. TrackMaven works with marketing leaders from hundreds of the world’s best brands, many of whom were early Snapchat adopters. But as we built our identity on Snapchat, there were intricacies of using Snapchat for a brand that I had to learn the hard way. I pieced together instructions from many different sources, but the information out there was not always correct! And there is an art to driving value with “disappearing content” that many traditional marketing resources don’t address.

Don’t get me wrong. Snapchat is a blast, and getting to shape a new channel for a brand is always a fascinating experience. But because the strategies for brand marketing on Snapchat are relatively nascent, I decided to make it easier for others looking to launch brand accounts on Snapchat.

In our new ebook, The Snapchat Marketing Guide for Brands, I curated all of the Snapchat marketing knowledge I’ve learned firsthand over the past months. The free guide includes everything from the basics of navigating Snapchat, best practices for Snapchat content creation and cross-promotion, and key metrics to measure the success of your brand’s Snapchat account.

Whether your brand is just getting started with Snapchat, or ready to take your Snapchat marketing strategy to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Download your free copy of The Snapchat Marketing Guide for Brands, and add us on Snapchat at track.maven for more Snapchat tips and marketing news!