17 Killer Snapchat Ideas and Pro Tips


Now that you know how to use Snapchat, it’s time to start creating amazing content for your brand! But where do you start? The art of Snapchat lies in linking individual snaps together to create a “story.” I’ll walk you through some pro tips and Snapchat ideas for creating content that will make your business stand out.

Snapchat pro tips

Feeling snap-confident? Here are some recommendations for advanced content creation that can help your Snapchat ideas come to life!

Try the vertigo effect.
Create a dramatic push-pull effect around an object or person in a video by zooming in while you move away. This tactic keeps the subject the same size while everything else seems to expand around them. Here’s what it looks like:

Create a first-person perspective.
Let people hold the camera themselves instead of you taking the snap of them. Snapchat is made for selfies. Snapchat’s personal perspective makes it distinctive.

Reverse actions to reveal a conclusion.
This can be done in many different ways: crumpling a quote on a piece of paper in a video snap so that it “un-crumples” in reverse; erasing a key point on a white board; knocking down words created with wooden block letters; etc. Whatever you do, make sure it can happen in 10 seconds or fewer.

Get moving!

Spin with the phone either facing out or toward you for a fun video. If you are traveling between snaps in your story, take a video of your feet walking, the plane taking off, or the side of the road zooming by, and use a filter to make it faster or slower.

What should my brand post on Snapchat?

Now that you have mastered some advanced techniques for using Snapchat, let’s take a look at some ideas for branded content. Brands often have even more material to work with than individuals, because they have a whole community of employees, customers, and advocates to pull from!

Killer Snapchat ideas for your brand’s content

Feature research findings.
We use Snapchat to announce our new research reports, including a few key takeaways and vanity URL to download the report.

Create a series of fun facts, or a weekly quiz related to your brand.
Business Insider has a regular quiz on its Snapchat account, for example.

Use inspiring quotes.
Snapchat might not support hashtags, but that doesn’t mean your audience won’t appreciate a little #MondayMotivation.

Use fun visuals, like stop motion and interactive “tap” games.
Jolly Rancher often has great examples of this.

Provide expert tips from people in your field.
Snapchat’s personal perspective makes it a great channel to create video “how to” content, without a major production budget.

Create a weekly segment about industry news.
For inspiration, check out TrackMaven‘s weekly marketing news updates on Thursdays!

A video posted by TrackMaven (@trackmaven) on

Feature social responsibility efforts.
Volunteering as a company? Use Snapchat to invite others to join in, or help fundraise for your cause.

Do employee and student takeovers.
Many university accounts host student takeovers for a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective.

Showcase your company culture.
Here’s a Snapchat scene from our bi-weekly “All-Paws” meeting:

Provide entertainment.
Taco Bell has featured short mysteries and dramas about missing tacos.

Create interactive content, by asking followers to send responses.
For example, Cinnabon will send a snap of their baked goods, and ask viewers to take a screenshot, circle their favorite, and snap it back to Cinnabon.

Provide behind-the-scenes coverage of events.
SXSW, for example, is a regular cornucopia of Snapchat users.

When you’re covering events, don’t forget to check for event-specific geofilters!
Don’t know what a geofilter is? We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to Snapchat filters, lenses, and more!

Create content around holidays.

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