Save 3+ Hours a Week With Recurring Marketing Reports


Marketers spend 3.55 hours a week on data collection and analysis alone. Luckily, TrackMaven is here to remove the time-suck of marketing reporting with our latest product release, which enables marketers to set recurring marketing reports.

So what could could you accomplish with three extra hours in your work week? Below, you’ll find three ways to incorporate recurring reports into your marketing workflow. We’ll handle the data, so you can get back to the real art of marketing. If you’re interested in a free custom demo of the TrackMaven platform, let us know! We’d be happy to arrange a consultation using your brand’s own data!

1. Watch your audience grow.

Create a report in TrackMaven to track audience growth across all social channels while running a campaign. You’ll be able to understand where campaigns are striking a chord with your audience and identify when to invest more resources in specific campaigns.

2. Understand how you stack up against your competitors.

It can be intimidating to track leading brands that produce large amounts of content. Frequent posting, however, does not necessarily correlate with quality content that keeps an audience engaged.

TrackMaven marketing reports can measure engagement with your content by tracking the average number of interactions per post per 1000 followers, or “engagement ratio.” The engagement ratio shows how your brand compares with its competitors on a level playing field, providing a deeper understanding of your social content’s true impact.

3. Identify what’s working for your brand.

Alerts are an invaluable way to track content that resonates with the audience for your brand and its competitors. Set up alerts for the leading brands you’d like to emulate so you never miss when their content goes viral. If you notice powerful content that would resonate with your brand, think about ways you can contribute to the conversation. You can create new content around the same theme, collaborate, or give your related posts an extra monetary boost.

If you are already a TrackMaven customer and would like to start using this new feature, just log into your account and head to the Reports section. Then click the sharing button to set one time, daily, weekly, or monthly marketing reports.

If you’re running an A/B test, launching a new campaign, exploring new content, or need information to build a business case, let TrackMaven recurring marketing reports help you bring the right data to the table. Request a free demo, and we’ll provide a complete custom review of your brand and competitors’ content alongside an overview of our product capabilities.

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