National Days: The Ultimate List (and Downloadable Calendar)


Did your brand miss out on #WorldKindnessDay or #InternationalCoffeeDay? Have no fear – we have you covered. Our comprehensive social media calendar includes all the trending and popular observances your brand needs to better inform your overall content strategy all the way through 2019.

Nothing brings people together more than a reason to celebrate, and holiday-related content is always a major win for brands when it comes to generating awareness and taking part in the global conversations that get their audiences excited.

Why wait for an invitation to start your holiday marketing strategy when you can prepare your holiday marketing content all year-round?

Download Calendar

Don’t wait until you see an awareness day already trending on social media – fuel your content strategy for the year and plan ahead with a 12-month list of top national days, awareness weeks, and awareness months. Use this resource to start creating timely and customized content that will help you connect with your followers on a more personal level, and uncover the human side of your brand (whether you’re B2B or B2C, there’s a holiday out there for you!)

Quit stalling and start celebrating by downloading our social media calendar today.

The post is adapted from Skyword, you can read the original here.