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The Best Social Media Analytics Tools of 2017


Your social media budget may be rising, but how do you know if your company’s social content is impacting business goals? The sad truth is, only 4.6 percent of marketing leaders say their social media efforts contribute “very highly” to business performance. If you, too, are struggling to show impact, this list of the best social media analytics tools to use in 2017 is for you.

If you’re ready to get a handle on how you’re progressing toward your social media marketing goals, knowing your options is an important first step.

Here’s our list of the best social media analytics tools of 2017.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools

With so much to keep track of, who has time to log in and out of so many different tools, or try and merge the data silos that result from using separate solutions? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use one tool, instead of seven, eight or nine, to track your social media impact?

There is one tool — our own TrackMaven.

With TrackMaven, you can:

  • Go beyond engagement metrics to gain a real understanding of how each post and piece of content contributes to ROI through social and content attribution capabilities.
  • Prove the impact of your marketing efforts by accessing customizable reports across all of your channels, including social media, web analytics, email and blogs, and easily sharing these reports across the organization.
  • Gain a competitive edge by tracking performance against competitors and industry influencers, and acting on real-time recommendations to improve your market position.
  • Show which campaigns are driving pipeline, revenue and deals, and understand where to best allocate your budget.
  • Collaborate with team members in real time by sharing dashboards and reports, and stay up to date with content performance through social media email alerts.

Just collecting social media data isn’t enough. If you really want to be a data-driven marketing organization, generating actionable insights in the most efficient manner, acting on those insights, and measuring progress against business goals is the only way to get there. Request a demo to learn more.


Tailwind provides social media measurement tools for Pinterest and Instagram, including reports on industry trends and competitive insights. Track and report on social KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media strategy, stay up to date with customizable performance reports sent to your email box, and export graphs and data to PowerPoint.


Moz’s Followerwonk allows you to optimize and grow your Twitter following through social media analysis and shared reporting. Track follower losses and gains, compare social graphs for competitive analysis and find the best times to tweet.

Audiense Community Manager

Audiense Community Manager is first up on our social listening tools list. This platform helps you expand your social reach by engaging those who are not (yet) followers on Twitter and Instagram. Monitor conversations and campaigns, including social ads.

TrendSpottr Signal

TrendSpottr Signal is social media software that uses real-time data streams to predict social trends. The platform helps you monitor influencers, sentiment, content, hashtags, predicted growth and momentum.


This platform monitors real-time mentions and notifications across social, online, print and broadcast media to help inform not only your social media marketing strategy, but your business strategic goals, as well. You can also create competitive benchmarking based on share of voice insights and track influencers.


This tool helps you track social media trends around your competitors. Social traffic analysis helps you uncover viral content items and the most relevant social platforms. You can also find out which competitors lead the industry based on traffic source, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others.

SEM Rush Social Media Tool

This tools lets you analyze social audience, activity and engagement for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. Learn which of your competitor’s social media campaigns were successful, and which weren’t, and compare them to your own in real time.


Easypromos offers a collection of apps that lets you create and manage digital campaigns across social media networks. Applications include include sweepstakes, contests, quizzes, surveys and loyalty programs. Report on campaign KPIs including visits, views, shares, recruitments and referrals.

Short Stack

ShortStack is a social media contest platform that allows you to increase engagement by creating sweepstakes, photo and video contests and offers for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Run campaign analytics, including views, shares, traffic sources, entries, device type and platforms.


With Woobox, marketers can create a variety of campaigns, including hashtag contests, polls and quizzes, and bring social media channels, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube into Facebook page apps. Campaign analytics track numbers such as likes, shares, visits, clicks and invites.

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