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Kate Zhukova

Best Time to Post on Social for Food and Beverage Brands

With TrackMaven’s recent release of Social Insights, we are now able to quickly determine which days and times are the most effective for publishing on a channel. After spending your time, energy, and resources creating content for an audience, the last piece of the puzzle is sharing it at an ideal time. We wouldn’t want…

How 4 Top Instagram Brands Keep Their Competitive Advantage

Four extremely successful Instagram brands — Audi, Forever 21, Patagonia, and Vans — can guide every brand’s content strategy.

Make Your Video Content Stand Out On Facebook With These 3 Simple Best Practices

With 4 billion views of their videos daily, Facebook provides marketers the opportunity to capture a large number of online user attention — so long as you can get them to stop scrolling. But what makes a Facebook video engaging? Let’s take a look at the research and best practices. 1. You Have Between 3-10 Seconds…

6 Best Practices To Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine, with more searches than Bing, Yahoo!, and AOL combined? In fact, 17% of all Internet traffic flows through YouTube; more B2C marketers create video content than blogs (74% versus 67%); and among B2B marketers, video is cited as the most-used content type (92%), outranking surveys (88%), white papers (88%)…