The 100 Best Brands According to Marketers


Coca-Cola and Pepsi. McDonald’s and Burger King. Verizon and AT&T.

Marketing has its fair share of brands wars. But which brands do marketers admire most?

To find out, we identified the 100 best brands, according to marketers.

Here’s how:
Thousands of marketers use the TrackMaven platform to track and benchmark their companies against leading competitors, influencers, peers, and aspirational brands.

As a result, we have a unique dataset at our disposal. We can see which companies are tracked most frequently by marketing professionals.

The results rank the companies that pique the most interest from marketing peers and competitors. They cover a mix of industries, including some of the most dedicated content marketers, and some surprises as well.

Does your brand make the cut?

Check out the key findings and the top 10 brands below. Download a free copy of the complete report to see the full list!

Key findings:

  • Nordstrom is the brand most tracked by marketers. Nordstrom beats out IBM and Cisco for the number one slot. Target is the second-highest ranked retail brand in the number four slot.
  • The Internet industry is the most competitive. Fourteen of the top 100 brands tracked by leading marketers are Internet companies. Amazon is the top-ranked Internet company in the number six slot.
  • Brand excellence spans industries. The top 10 brands represent nine different industries, including: Retail, Information Technology & Services, Computer Networking, Hospital & Health Care, Internet, Computer Software, Management Consulting, Banking, and Sporting Goods.

The 10 best brands according to marketers are…

#1 — Nordstrom
#2 — IBM
#3 — Cisco
#4 — Target
#5 — Mayo Clinic
#6 — Amazon
#7 — Microsoft
#8 — Accenture
#9 — Bank of America
#10 — Nike

Download the complete list to see the best brands in your industry!