The ROI of TrackMaven

The Data: TrackMaven Improves Content Performance

Our Content Marketing Paradox Report proved that brands of all sizes struggle to produce engaging content. We discovered that while content output per brand has increased by 78%, content engagement has actually decreased by 60%.

The TrackMaven Impact

On average, brands have created twice as much content, but have seen less than half the engagement in return. However, TrackMaven customers stand apart from the pack.

TrackMaven customers create content that is 5x more engaging than their competition.


On , TrackMaven customers see
5.2x more engagement than the average brand.

On , TrackMaven customers see
5.8x more engagement than the average brand.

On LinkedIn, TrackMaven customers see
5.3x more engagement than the average brand.

Across the board, TrackMaven customers outperform the competition with data-driven content.

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