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The Stagnant State of Email Marketing Report

Email is an impactful digital marketing channel, and a preferred means of brand communication for consumers. But with email open rates hovering around 20% and click rates in the low 3% range on average, there is plenty of room for marketers to increase engagement with their email subscribers.

For this report, we analyzed a cross-industry sampling of over 93K emails from over 2K email lists to determine key email marketing trends. The results indicate that the majority of marketers are drawing from the same email marketing playbook. In short, email marketing has stagnated.

Download The Stagnant State of Email Report for practical tips to improve your email marketing practices and make your emails stand out in your customer’s inbox, including:

  • High-Volume vs. Low-Volume Email Send Times
  • Subject Line and Image Best Practices
  • Spammy Terms
  • SpamAssassin Score

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