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Social Listening

Social listening is the process of monitoring digital media channels to devise a strategy that will better influence consumers. Taking information from places that consumers participate in online can be invaluable. A company can use that information for analyzing consumer behavior, determining the public’s perception of a company, and comparing a company’s public reputation to its competitors’.

Why is Social Listening important?

Internet users are becoming increasingly more active online. Therefore, the Internet provides an excellent forum for companies to listen to feedback from the public. Businesses can observe the online actions taken by consumers. Marketers can see what pages their followers like, what groups they are apart of, and what kind of content that they share. This information can then be used by marketers to structure more effective advertisements. Social listening can give businesses ideas to improve products. When customers are either overjoyed or disappointed in a product, they often take to online forums to express themselves. Browsing the comments that consumers leave online is a great way for marketers to see what their companies are doing right and what needs to be improved. Social media platforms make it easy for companies to compare their social media marketing efforts to those of their competitors. The amount of shares, likes, comments, and followers can easily be monitored between companies.

In a Sentence

Allen uses social listening to let marketers know what their competition is up to.