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Marketing Attribution Models

Marketing attribution models determine how your organization credits leads across multiple campaigns and buyer touch points. An attribution model typically takes multiple touches along the buyer journey for a consumer to request information and actively “shop” for your product or service.

Marketing attribution models store credit for these touch points so that your team can understand which campaigns contribute to sales and revenue.

Three marketing attribution models

The three most common models are:

  1. First-Touch Attribution:

    Credits the first campaign a lead engaged with before converting.

  2. Last-Touch Attribution:

    Credits the last campaign a lead engaged with before converting.

  3. Multi-Touch Attribution:

    Splits credit amongst all of the campaigns along the buyer’s journey, based on either a set of pre-defined rules, a statistical model, or both. With this attribution model, you’ll have the ability to compare the output of multiple campaigns, while still getting accurate numbers for individual campaigns.

Marketing attribution software solutions provide visibility into the content and campaigns that drive revenue.

In a Sentence

According to our multi-touch attribution model, the social team owned 30% of marketing touch points for customers who converted this month.