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Sabel Harris leads the marketing at TrackMaven. When she's not marketing, she's probably listening to some pop music or drinking too much coffee. (Funny thing, she does this while marketing too). Tweet or email her, unless, she's eating, she'll respond in record timing. View her bio

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5 Metrics To Show If A Piece Of Content Is Successful

Every Tuesday and Thursday I help teach a Digital Marketing course at General Assembly, and one of the classes was on Content Marketing — a topic that I love. When I was planning out what I was going to teach, it was hard for me to determine the best place to start because I had Read more …


Maven Reads: 30 Books Marketers Must Read

Marketing is powered by new information, data, and insights that change almost daily. These factors are what make marketing so challenging and exciting, all at once. Now, during this rapid time, it’s a marketer’s job to keep up and create relevant content to feed the constant appetite of buyers. However, the knowledge that a marketer accumulates Read more …

The Marketing Maven's Guide to Facebook

Landing on the News Feed: The Marketing Maven’s Guide to Facebook

I vaguely remember when I first signed-up for Facebook and it was something so new that brought on so many possibilities to showcase who I was. But now things have changed — I’m much less worried about a new profile picture or if my status has been liked multiple times over. As a marketer, a Read more …


Avoid the Contact Abyss: What You Should Know About Your Online Forms

Most of us go about our online actions without stopping to think about how we are interacting with branded content, websites, and landing pages. We visit a site, find what we are looking for, go through the steps to get it, and then go about our day. But as marketers, we have to look behind the digital Read more …


5 Things You Forgot About LinkedIn Ads That You Should Remember

It can be really easy to get caught up in one part of marketing, as each part has components that have even more subcomponents to make it all work. It can be so easy to get caught up in something that you forget about some of the essential components that make it work in the first Read more …


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