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Sabel Harris leads the marketing at TrackMaven. When she's not marketing, she's probably listening to some pop music or drinking too much coffee. (Funny thing, she does this while marketing too). Tweet or email her, unless, she's eating, she'll respond in record timing. View her bio

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3 Of The Most Forgotten Interrelated Brand Benchmarks

Brand benchmarks are increasingly important. They give you the starting point as to where the drive the car and then a layout of where to finish. We’ve mentioned before about the three facets of benchmarks and how to create your own marketing benchmarks; yet, that isn’t that isn’t where they stop. Marketing channels are without a doubt interrelated and just how these channels are connected so are the underlying benchmarks. Typically, a benchmark relies on other factors to even become a proceeding benchmark. Read more …


Marketers Need To Wake Up: The Stagnant State of Email Report

After the Retweet Report, we came back to the drawing board to figure out another data report that we should tackle. We talked about taking on another social media channel or diving into the behemoth of the Content Marketing world; however, we decided that we needed to brand away from the former and do something to segway into the latter. Out came studying email and the data that we could dig up about one of the largest sources of ROI for Marketers. I was very excited about uncovering something unique like using 9 exclamation marks in a title or adding a golden number of hashtags showing that marketers are taking risks with one of the oldest marketing channels. Read more …


How to Produce More Content

Often times I’m asked how I produce so much content and honestly, I’m a little stumped as well because most of the time I feel like I’m running into more blockages than actually writing. I can listen to complaints all day long because I know exactly how hard it is to keep up the production of content as fast as the rate that buyers are consuming it.
Alas, it’s a problem many marketers face. While trying to find the best content to create, the other side is actually producing a great piece of content. Read more …


TrackMaven at SXSW: Where to Find Us

And so it all begins. The whirlwind of SXSW is here and Team TrackMaven is ready to go. We wanted to give you a heads up of what we have planned and where we’ll be. It’s some really exciting things since we’ll be here for over 4 days. Here’s a day by day breakdown… Read more …


How I Use TrackMaven Alerts

Marketing doesn’t stop at the top of the funnel and doesn’t stop after the leads are brought in. It runs through the entire funnel and then loops right back up to to help create customer champions. I sit in the same room as the Customer Success Team and I frequently try to listen to the current problems marketers are having. I also am trying to make it a point to talk to our sales team to understand what problems our opportunities are encountering. Marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Read more …