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The Huge UPDATED List of 127 Marketing Tools


Modern marketers are wont to use a tool or two. As Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic series shows, the overwhelming escalation of marketing tech is oh-so real.

But which tools are right for you? We crowdsourced suggestions from our own marketing department and fellow marketers and came up with this list of 127 tools that can truly impact and improve your digital marketing.

To help you discover the tools that are right for you, we’ve identified a few key tool categories: Marketing Automation, SEO, Social, Curation, Research, Content, Organization, Visuals, Collaboration, Technical, Data & Interaction, Email, and Productivity, plus a few top Refresher Resources to help you build proficiency across a variety of digital marketing disciplines.

So without further ado, here’s our updated list of 127 marketing tools!

The Huge List of 127 Marketing Tools

Marketing Automation

What links all the tools in your marketing tool belt together? Marketing Automation. Marketing efforts can be successful to a certain, short extent without a cohesive marketing automation tool, but you will ultimately reach a tipping point in scale and complexity where marketing automation will become a necessity. Here are a few marketing automation platforms to consider:

1. HubspotHubspot essentially owns the term “inbound marketing” and it shines through their automation software.
2. Pardot“B2B Marketing Automation.” Aims to help align sales and marketing.
3. ExactTargetProviding “powerful digital marketing software for the Fortune 500” to small businesses
4. Oracle Marketing Cloud (fka Eloqua)- “The only Modern Marketing Cloud solution that integrates cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management for the enterprise.”
5. Marketo“Marketing Software. Easy. Powerful. Complete.” 
6. SilverpopProvides Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing Products & Apps.
7. Infusionsoft“Sales and marketing software built for small business.”
8. Act-on“Fresh approach to marketing automation that gives you full functionality without the complexity other systems impose on you.”


9. SEMRushAdvanced SEO Keyword search.
10. YoastWordPress plugins to ramp up your SEO game. I’m a fan of the button that changes colors showing if your SEO has been optimized in a blog post.
11. Open Site ExplorerThe Search Engine for Links.
12. NerdyDataAn awesome search engine where you can search HTML, find backlinks, track competitors, and generate leads.
13. Authority LabsHelps a user gain a clearer picture on how search engines are displaying their brands.


There are an endless amount of social tools out there, but here are the obvious standout ones to improve engagement and narrow your target audience. These tools range from scheduling to impression targeting to help all of your social outlets.

14. SocedoHelps you discover new social prospects that match your custom criteria and qualify them via automated engagement.
15. TopsyAnalyzes content on Twitter in real-time and sort by relevance or date.
16. StorifyMaking the social web into stories.
17. TagBoardTracks hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine, or
18. FollowerwonkTwitter Analytics.
19. SocialBro– A nice real-time dashboard telling you which followers are tweeting at the given time along with some other nifty tools. It syncs up with Buffer too.
Followgen Targeting tweets for more impressions. Currently undergoing a pivot, but stay-tuned for its revamped product.
Tweetdeck Counting favorites, you can see how many favorites Twitter users have with this app. Tweetdeck also makes it easy to view all of your twitter feeds.
Buffer– Schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts easily and efficiently.
Slideshare– An underrated social media outlet that can also generate some qualified leads as well.
JustUnfollow– Grow your follower count quickly.
Hootsuite– Another tool to schedule social media posts and customizable data too.


Curating content is just as important as creating it. All of these tools help collect the content you’re looking for — and some help you share it with your team as well.

28. PercolateThe System of Record for Marketing, a complete web and mobile software platform to manage all your marketing in one place.
29. IncShare news, ideas, and knowledge in one place.
30. IcebergsCollect ideas, articles, content, inspiration, research, etc. in one place to share with your team.
31. Little BirdInfluencer discovery and engagement.
32. Digg Reader– A simple but powerful RSS and feed reader for keeping up with sites and blogs.
33. Feedly– RIP Google Reader and welcome the reader that has a beautiful interface and easily organizes everything for you to read for the day.
Readability– A web and mobile app that zaps online clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view.
Flipboard– Makes your own personalized magazine in a gorgeous, simple format.
Pocket– Want to read it later? Pocket-it and you can read it on the go too.
 Evernote– A huge step-up from your average note-taking and gathering.


Need some inspiration? Suffering from writer’s block? These tools and sites will help you research engaging topics to keep your audience hungry for more.

38. Google TrendsExplore trending topics.
39. Bottle Nose Sonar SoloAllows you to search for any topic to find the hottest trends and what influencers are saying about the subject in real-time.
40. Twitter Advanced SearchOften forgotten about, the advanced search in Twitter can yield searches in Twitter about topics you are looking for or influencers tweeting about that subject.
41. Linkedin GroupsLinkedin Groups can be a great source for curation of articles and also for content research. What questions are most frequently asked in the groups you belong to, and how can you answer those questions?
42. LinkedIn PulseDisplays news from your favorite sites and your Influencer posts to research topics based on what’s going on in your networks’ world. There’s a separate mobile app as well. 
43. QuibbA professional network to share industry news and analysis. Read, curate, and research what your peers are sharing.
44. Marketing ChartsFantastic source for marketers looking for charts and data.
45. Medium“A better place to read and write.” Recently opened to everyone, Medium has become a fast-growing publisher of content across all industries. Medium could be under curation as well, but this is a good place to research topics that people are already engaging with.
46.  SvbtleA “new kind of magazine” making it easier for people to discover and research for new ideas.


We’ve suggested many tools to collect, consume, and share others’ content, but here are some tools to help you manage and distribute your own.

47. NewsCredHelps brands power content marketing helping to drive revenue and engagement.
48. SkywordStreamlines and automates the content creation and publishing process.
49. KapostContent Marketing Software and Content Marketing Platform. Helps marketers use their content to drive more web visitors, nurture leads, and new sales.
50.– Content management tool providing insights in the content you are publishing.
51. Contently– A Story-Telling Platform working with journalists, media companies, publishers etc. They have a pretty awesome blog too.
52. Portent’s Content Idea Generator– Simple to use and a little silly, but it helps get your ideas churning when you’re drawing a blank.
53. Quora– Check out the questions people are asking and answer them in your content.
54. Branch– All about conversations. Talk about your content here and get some discussion out of the conversationalists in this outlet.
55. Google Drive– You can create and keep all your your docs, forms, spreadsheets etc. in one place.
56. Thesaurus– Stop using the same words over and over again. Synonyms, anyone?
57. MW Dictionary– Didn’t know what that word meant? That’s what a dictionary is for.


Organizing everything you need to do and track is almost a full-time job on its own. Here are some tools to keep you out of hairy, disorganized situations.

58. MindNodeEasy mind mapping.
59. CARROT to DoThis to-do list is hilarious. Gamifying getting your tasks done and calling you out for when you don’t.
60. Google CalendarThis is one everyone should be using. Simple calendar that organizes all of your events for the day. My motto is that if it’s not in my Google Calendar, then it doesn’t exist.
61. BoxOnline file sharing and cloud content management system.
62. DropboxEverything in one place (photos, docs, videos) making it easily shareable for yourself and/or others.
63. Remember The Milk– Multiple lists, tags and it can connect with Trello!
64. Wunderlist– The mobile app is very easy to use and syncs with all of your other devices, so you can keep all of your lists up to date.
65. Trello– I’ve often wondered if I can Trello everything in my life because they make it so easy to maintain goals, create checklists and outline different processes. Share and store all of your files easily.
66. IFTTT– Create different recipes that allow for all of your apps to work the way you want them to. One great recipe is for Instagram photos to be instantly created into Twitter pics, so your followers can see that image in a twitter card.


The bulk of your content is text, but that’s not to say that visuals should take a backseat. Make sure your images are just as advanced as the words you are writing. Here are some tools that can step up your visual game.

67. VSCOCamA simple and visually stunning mobile app to use to boost your pictures.
68. Awesome ScreenshotNeed to take a screenshot of the whole page instead of what’s above the fold? Awesome Screenshot is..awesome for that.
69. Snappy– An app that was recently shared with the team, but allows for you to take screenshots of what you are working on and allows you to pin them to the top of your screen so you can see what you wanted to keep tabs on in the first place.
70. Skitch- Working alongside of Evernote, you can doodle, highlight and type over all of those notes you collected. You also can add arrows to things you want to point out in visuals for your content.
71. A site to easily resize all of your images quickly.
72. Beautiful infographics. They even have a corgi one!
73. Piktochart- A way for you to create your own infographics. Time to put down that stock photo.
74. Not just a way for you to create infographics, but a way to share too. Sharing is caring, right?
75. Tableau– Numbers look at tad boring all alone, time to visualize some of that data.
76. Wordle- Tool to generate sweet word clouds.
77. Issuu– Create online magazines.
78. FotoFlexer– In a bind and can’t use Photoshop? FotoFlexer has some basic and advanced editing features that can be matched up to Photoshop.


There isn’t an “I” in team, so make sure as a marketer you are in fact working with your team to produce the best possible content. Some of these tools we use as a team here at TrackMaven. The others are for collaboration outside of your team or to interact with other marketers.

79. Join.meOnline meetings and screen sharing.
80. ClearslideHelps to improve customer-facing interactions. Also another great online meeting and screen sharing product.
81. Doodle– Simplifies team scheduling.
82. SkypeFree internet calls and video calls. Also, did you see their recent ad?
83. HipChat– We use HipChat at TrackMaven. An easy way to communicate with everyone on the team. Also, here’s a little secret
84. Yammer– Another communication platform for the office.
85. GoToMeeting– Good for meetings or webinars. Allows you to interact more with your customers.
86. Google+ Hangouts– Sometimes I forget about Hangouts, but this is a good way to host events or webinars in a more collaborative way, especially since you can organize them by community in Google+.
87. Twiddhla– Have a white board in your office taking up too much room or is it a little crusty from all of the marks? Here’s a web-based one, so you can collaborate without the clean-up.
88. ScreenHero– Sharing your screen, but you want the person to interact with the project too? ScreenHero allows for collaborative screen sharing.


For marketers in the technology sphere, it’s essential to understand at least the basics of coding. Take a look at some of theses resources to expand your technological knowledge.

89. General Assembly- In-depth education courses on business foundations, data analysis, digital marketing, mobile development, product design, user experience design, and web development. There are local workshops, online classes, and full-time courses to learn a new set of skills that can help you forage your way into a new career path.
90. Skillcrush- Awesome 10 day email bootcamp for foundational basics and a class you can sign up for to learn more skills.
91. Skillshare– A variety of classes to take on anything from Ruby on Rails to Hand-Lettering that you take on your own and at your own pace.
92. Treehouse– Step-by-Step courses on how to build websites, apps, coding, and other valuable lessons.
93. Codecademy– I’ve done several lessons on Codecademy, all of which were great. They are easy to follow and satisfy my competitive urge by giving me a slight “gamified” experience.
94. CodeSchool- I like how there are set paths and video lessons. An easier way for you to begin coding.
95. Rickshaw- Want to create your own interactive graphs? It’s a little more technical, but it’s a free source for you to display your data.

Data and Interaction

A/B tests, heat maps, personalized messages, clicks, traffic, links etc. can all be seen and tracked with these tools. No more fluffy marketing, please. Get the data behind it, too.

96. Optimize.lyHelps improve conversions through simple A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing.
97. UnbounceLanding page builder
98. Gravity FormsComplete contact solution builder for WordPress.
99. MixpanelAnalytics platform showing you how your customers are interacting and engaging based on actions in your product.
100. HellobarNotification bar, acquired by CrazyEgg.
101. BounceExchangeHelps to convert your bounce traffic.
102. DucksboardReal-time web dashboard for your metrics.
103. ZapierKind of like IFTTT, but powerful connector for apps. Automates all of your tasks.
104. GhosteryFind out who’s tracking you or what tools a website is using.
105. WoopraReal-time Customer Analytics.
106. KISSMetricsCustomer Intelligence and web analytics.
107. GeckoBoardReal-time business dashboard.
108. MozMainly centered on SEO at first, but now has an analytics component to “manage all your inbound efforts.”
109. Intercom– From tracking who is logging on to targeting users with specific messaging, Intercom makes interaction analytics simple.
110. Google Analytics- Provides insights, analytics and data to your site.
111. SessionCam- What are your users doing? This takes a look at your user’s session inside your product.
112. CrazyEgg- Heatmaps, scrollmaps, a confetti and an overlay tool all show what content the user is interacting with most on your site.
113. Super useful link-shortener that can also be connected with your Buffer account. I set up two accounts to look at the clicks for Twitter and Facebook too.


Did you know that people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers? Spruce up those email campaigns with some of these tools.

114. AweberSimple and easy-to-use email marketing and auto-responder software. And hey, it’s only $1 to try!
115. ToutappTrack which email templates are working for you.
116. SignalsReal-time notfiications that tell you when someone has the potential intent of wanting to talk to you, shows you a notification when they open your email.
117. Movable InkAgile email marketing that allows for the content of the emails to adapt to the recipients and how they react to the emails.
118. MailChimp– Create email newsletters and campaigns easily.
119. Campaign Monitor Another email campaign tool.
120. Rapportive Who is this person emailing you? Or, trying to figure out an email of someone important? Rapportive makes it instantly easier, showing a contact’s picture, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other information. It’s a Gmail plug-in.
121. SendGrid– Useful email deliverability tool while also monitoring open-rates and click-throughs.
122. Contactually- Have so many contacts that you can’t keep up with them? Or forget to follow-up with them? Contactually makes it so much easier (and fun too with their bucket game).


With marketing tasks piling up every day, productivity must always be maintained at optimal levels. Here are some tools that help you make the most of your marketing mix.

122. CoffitivityNot in a coffee shop, but want the surprisingly productive background noise? Here you go.
123. CaffeineI know you’ll probably want to take a nap, but you don’t want your computer to go to sleep. Download Caffeine, so it stays awake. Really useful for presentations.
124. StayFocusedLimits the time that you can spend on certain sites, so that you can maintain your focus.
125. SelfControlAvoid distracting sites…like
126.WrittenKittenHelps set a writing goal by rewarding you with a picture of a kitten when you reach that goal. (Now if they only had one with corgi pictures…)
127. TwordsNudges you to keep writing and helps track your writing progress.

Refresher Resources

It’s never a bad idea to go back to basics! Here are resources to refresh your marketing foundation, or share with co-workers for a marketing tune-up.

-Hubspot’s Inbound Academy and Certification
-KISSmetrics Marketing Guides
-QuickSprout University
-SEOmoz’s Beginner’s Guide To SEO
CopyBlogger’s Content Marketing 101
-Contently’s Beginnger’s Guide to Content Strategy
-Unbounce Google Adwords Webinar
-Hubspot’s Marketing Grader Tool
-MailChimp’s Voice & Tone
-Epic List of Content Strategy Resources (Collected by Jonathon Colman)

Or get your copy of the 2016 Social Media Impact Report: B2C Industry Edition to learn how the best B2C brands compete on social:


This list was originally compiled by Sabel Harris in November 2013 and updated by Kara Burney in May 2015.