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The Fortune 500 Instagram Report: How to Crack the Instagram Engagement Code


No joke, I’m quite partial to puppy and brunch pictures on Instagram. Then pairing with lo-fi — you instantly have my double tap. 

On September 8th, Instagram announced that is has over 150 million users, 16 billion photos share, 1.2 Billion likes daily and on average 55M photos per day. That’s a lot of puppies and brunch.

But what is making this platform rise quickly up the ranks to the social media titans to Facebook and Twitter?

Here at TrackMaven we wanted to take a deeper dive into what drives Instagram and how big brands like the ones in the Fortune 500 are using it. Are they posting puppy pictures with the most effective filter? What times are they taking pictures of brunch? Are they taking a video or a picture of the puppy? What are the most effective filters to get people drooling?

Ok, so backing off the puppies and brunch, we noticed some apparent trends and patterns by tracking the accounts through TrackMaven to identify what’s working and what isn’t with the Fortune 500. From the posting strategies, filters, and interactions, we’ve uncovered some interesting secrets and findings in this awesome report we’ve put together.


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Here are some of the questions that we’ve answered about the Fortune 500 and their usage of Instagram…

  • How many of the Fortune 500 Companies have Instagram accounts?
  • Is the Fortune 500 active on Instagram?
  • What companies out of the Fortune 500 have top Instagram accounts?
  • Is a picture more effective than a video on Instagram?
  • What is the most popular day when the Fortune 500 posts on Instagram?
  • Does the time of day when the photo is posted have a impact on interactions?
  • What are the most popular filters?
  • What are the most effective filters that the companies use?
  • Is there an optimal number of hashtags to use in an Instagram post?

Curious for more? Download a copy of our Fortune 500 Instagram Report below!