The Fortune 500 Instagram Report: How to Crack the Code

The Fortune 500 Instagram Report: How to Crack the Instagram Engagement Code

Instagram analytics 101

Updated: As of September 2015, Instagram has 400 million users worldwide, making it the fastest growing social media platform. What has made this platform rise quickly up the ranks?

At TrackMaven, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what drives Instagram and how big brands use it. Are they posting pictures with the most effective filter? (You may also want to check out our post on which filters drive the most engagement for brands.) What time do they post pictures of food, flowers and sunshine? Are they using more photos or videos?

We noticed some apparent trends and patterns by analyzing TrackMaven’s database to identify what’s working and what isn’t for the Fortune 500 companies. From posting strategies, filters, and interactions, we’ve uncovered interesting secrets and findings in our Fortune 500 Instagram Report.

Here are some of the questions that we’ve answered about the Fortune 500 and their usage of Instagram…

  • How many of the Fortune 500 Companies have Instagram accounts?
  • Is the Fortune 500 active on Instagram?
  • What companies out of the Fortune 500 have top Instagram accounts?
  • Is a picture more effective than a video on Instagram?
  • What is the most popular day when the Fortune 500 posts on Instagram?
  • Does the time of day when the photo is posted have a impact on interactions?
  • What are the most popular filters?
  • What are the most effective filters that the companies use?
  • Are there an optimal number of hashtags to use in an Instagram post?

Download your copy here:
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