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#TMSummit: You Are Marketing To Hummingbirds. So What Are You Going To Do About It?

There is no denying that our means of consuming and sharing content are drastically different today than they were a few years ago — let alone a decade ago. New digital channels emerge daily, and even traditional channels like TV are moving online. At the 2014 TrackMaven Marketing Summit in New York City, keeping up with the rapid rate of Read more …


#FridayFunFact: Facebook Introduces iOS App Rooms, An Anonymous Forum Platform

This week, Facebook launched Rooms, a new iOS app created by the team at Facebook Creative Labs led by the former Branch co-founder Josh Miller. In his introductory post on the Rooms blog, Miller announced his intention for the app to resurrect “the role of the internet as a ‘third place,’” resurrecting the community and connectivity formerly Read more …


Should You Get Quizzical With Your Content Marketing?

On August 1st 2014, published a quiz titled, “What type of traveler are you actually?” Within a week that quiz had 30,000 views, and it continues to receive traffic from both social media and SEO sources. Hostelworld isn’t a massive website; nearly all of those 30,000 visits came from social sites and organic searches, and Read more …


How Will The Strategic Role Of Marketing Change By 2024? Execs From Facebook And Google Weigh In

There is no denying that — for non-Luddites, at least — Facebook and Google have drastically transformed the way we communicate, interact, and navigate online. Because of this influence, Facebook and Google are at the forefront of public debate around the intersection of free speech, privacy, and technology. And as the Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook and Vice Read more …


#FridayFunFact: If You Printed A Year’s Worth Of Instagram Photos, How High Would They Reach?

For this #FridayFunFact, we’re digging to the bottom of a questions that keeps marketers up at night: If you took every single photo uploaded to Instagram over the course of a year, printed them out and stacked them up, how high would they reach? Keep in mind how many #corgisofinstagram selfies there are out there… Okay, so Read more …


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