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The Comprehensive List of Marketing Conferences in 2014

Don’t miss out on the latest marketing trends! Staying up to date on emerging insights in the marketing world can give you the upper paw on your competition. Thankfully, 2014 is packed with exciting and informative conferences for proactive marketers. Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York, London, or Montreal, these events provide an excellent opportunity for Read more …

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The Economics (and Psychology) of Effective Digital Marketing

I’ll start with the good news. All signs point to a robust budget season for marketers for 2014. From Forrester to Forbes, countless headlines and reports predict that marketers’ coffers will soon be overflowing.  Here’s a sampling of the good tidings: Forrester Research published results from a study conducted in tandem with the Business Marketing Read more …


The 4 Best Graphs for Revealing Trends in Marketing Data

A picture is worth a thousand words, but – at the risk of stating the obvious – images that send a message are really hard to make. For evidence, note the abundance of tools like Rhonna, Diptic, Infogram, and that make it possible for the unfortunately non-artistic (like myself) to make passable images for Read more …


How TrackMaven Digs Up Data: An Introduction to APIs & Python

For the modern marketer, data is key. The more information marketers have at their fingertips, the more effectively they can gauge the success of their strategy. Having up-to-the-minute data allows a marketer to be proactive, not reactive. A proactive marketer knows which content will drive traffic, which channels will yield the greatest return on investment, and which ad Read more …


Big Data (and the Bigger Responsibilities of Predictive Marketing)

For modern marketers, the challenge that comes with big data is two-fold: knowing what data to collect, and finding ways to harness that data to drive smarter business decisions. The role of a marketer is certainly analytics driven – just think of all the metrics you track, from click-through rates to unique website visitors – but the reason there Read more …