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How Will The Strategic Role Of Marketing Change By 2024? Execs From Facebook And Google Weigh In

There is no denying that — for non-Luddites, at least — Facebook and Google have drastically transformed the way we communicate, interact, and navigate online. Because of this influence, Facebook and Google are at the forefront of public debate around the intersection of free speech, privacy, and technology. And as the Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook and Vice Read more …


#FridayFunFact: If You Printed A Year’s Worth Of Instagram Photos, How High Would They Reach?

For this #FridayFunFact, we’re digging to the bottom of a questions that keeps marketers up at night: If you took every single photo uploaded to Instagram over the course of a year, printed them out and stacked them up, how high would they reach? Keep in mind how many #corgisofinstagram selfies there are out there… Okay, so Read more …


Marketing The Manufacturing Industry: Q&A With Lincoln Electric’s Craig Coffey

When it comes to all things industrial, Craig Coffey has marketed them all. A career-long B2B marketer with extensive experience in the manufacturing, engineering, and professional services industries, Craig currently serves as the the U.S. Marketing Communications Manager for Lincoln Electric. We connected with Craig at Content Marketing World 2014, after his stint sharing the stage with Read more …

2014 TrackMaven Marketing Summit

10 Takeaways From The 2014 TrackMaven Marketing Summit

On October 8th, 2014, we gathered some of the brightest minds in marketing for our 2014 TrackMaven Marketing Summit! This year’s Summit took place in New York City, and featured a full day of panels, keynotes, and customer case studies chock-full of insights for keeping up with the rapid rate of change in the realm of Read more …


#FridayFunFact: B2B Marketers Are Creating More Content, But With Less Confidence In ROI

Today’s Friday Fun Fact is a all about B2B content marketing! As any content marketer knows all too well, creating a scalable content marketing program requires a large input of time, energy, and resources. And according to B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America, B2B marketers are experiencing growing pains in their efforts to expand Read more …


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